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About Mystery hosting Solutions LLC

FreeDotHost.com has been providing Cheapest Domain Name Registration and Free, Affordable Webhosting services since 2018. We porvide fast and secure web server for any webhosting plan. We provide free SSL certificates to secure your website on our server while your purchased any web hosting plan and we have every day manual back up to ovoid any loosing data. So we are announced as Worry Free Hosting Povider.

Our Brands,

What do we provide?

We MysteryHosting  Solutions LLC provides the following web solutions;

  1. Domains Registration
  2. SSD Share Web Hosting with CPanel
  3. SSD Reseller Hosting with CPanel
  4. Wordpress Hosting 
  5. VPS Server
  6. Dedicated Server(Upon Request)
  7. SSL Certificates
  8. much mores

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to be a affordable web hosting company for any customer as much as we can and fast and secure web hosting service around the world.